Gliding and Coordinates

In this lesson you will learn about the coordinate system for the Scratch stage.

The Scratch stage is 480 pixels across and 360 pixels high.

Each point on the screen has x and y coordinates. X is the first number, Y is the second number. (X,Y)

(0,0) is in the centre.  

X coordinates go from -240 to +240.

Y coordinates go from -180 to +180.




Click the Green Flag, then use the arrow keys to move.

You can see the X and Y coordinates for all the points on the stage.

Move Gobo to each of these points:

(X=134, Y=78)

(X=-88, Y=140)

(X=210, Y=-100)

(X=-200, Y=-45)


Using the Glide Block

You can use the Glide block to make your sprite move automatically to different points on the stage.


Make your own Scratch that uses gliding.

SAVE and SHARE it.