Advanced Paint Editor

These videos will show you how to do many more things with the Paint Editor, particularly in vector mode.

Why won't my shape fill?

The line isn't closed.  Use the reshape tool to drag and drop the first control point onto the last.


How do I erase vectors?

Shift click control points to delete them.  But it's easier to use smooth and reshape instead of erasing.

Or you can cover with a filled shape so that it looks erased.


How do I draw with the reshape tool?

Click anywhere on a line to add a control point. Shift-click to remove a control point


How can I make my pencil lines smoother? 

Click the line then click 'smooth'.


How do I edit several shapes at the same time?


How do I use layers?


Draw 3 different sprites in vector mode.

Put them into a simple Scratch.

SAVE and SHARE it.