This site has been designed by Marg Meijers Learning Services to provide a framework and resources for a face to face or online course in Scratch programming for students aged 8-14 years.

At each level, students should complete all the set tasks and produce a number of projects of their own choice. Once they are confident with the materials at that level, they should complete the 'boss' challenge provided by the teacher. This challenge should be designed to enable them to demonstrate the core skills at that level.

In the longer courses that I run (which may last 6 months or a year), we have a scoreboard, where students are given points towards badges at each level for each finished Scratch that they submit. This system is designed to ensure that students are extending themselves and developing a broad range of skills. They also have a health bar which reflects their level of activity and participation in the course. An example of a scoreboard from a prior version of the course can be seen here. (Hover your mouse over the badges to see how to earn points.)

Please contact me if you have any questions about the course.