How To Basics

This page gives you blocks of code that you can look at to work out how to do different things in Scratch. You will have to make slight changes in your own Scratch, depending on things like what your sprites are named.

How to Make a Sprite Change Colour

Make your Sprite Dance
Make your sprite say something
Make your sprite glide to a new position
Find a sprite's X and Y coordinates
Make your sprite follow the mouse

Make your sprite follow the mouse

(a different way)

Make your sprite move to a drum beat
Make your sprite move with keyboard controls

Make your sprite whirl as you move the mouse

(Move the mouse left and right to see the effect.)

Animate a sprite

(You will need at least 2 costumes. For example a bird with wings in the up position and another in the down position).

Find a sprite that has become 'lost' Right click on the sprite's thumbnail in the sprite list
Find out what a block does Right click on it and choose Help